The reasons of Refrigeration compressor discharge temperaturPosition:Home > Blog > Industry News
    1. The compressor suction and discharge valves, piston ring damaged;

     2. Compressor suction temperature is too high;

     3. Compressor cylinder clearance is too large;

     4. The compressor suction pressure is too low or too small suction valve open;

     5. Compressor discharge piping resistance is too large;

     6. Compressor cylinder head cooling water jacket water is sufficient, or water cooling temperature is too high;

     7. Compressor safety bypass valve leakage;

     8. Compressor cylinder lubricant interruption;

     9. The cooling capacity of the compressor is less than the warehouse system capability, such as evaporation area is too large;

     10. The compressor suction pipe or filter clogging phenomenon, thermal insulation layer is damaged.