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With the rapidly development of refrigerated and frozen food market, a sharp rising in demand for energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigeration technology. Guangdong first pilot new refrigeration technology, the CO2 in an environmentally safe technology, to replace the original liquid ammonia, freon refrigeration technology is unsafe.
It is reported that ammonia is widely used by our refrigerant, but it is toxic and explosive fire hazard; and freon is a risk the destruction of the ozone layer, the early years has been banned countries.
     Our refrigeration technology commonly used in other refrigerant Freon, but with the development of science, the study found that the substance is very destructive to the environment. Last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection to the General Assembly convened to start HCFCS China containing material production sector plan implementation, declaring the entire country will be eliminated, including R22 freon including HCFCS 2030 .
     CO2 is an environmentally friendly material, colorless, odorless, non-toxic kind of media, from thermal performance point of view, in the case of -20 ? to -55 ?, which is to save energy. It known that CO2 as a refrigerant originated in Europe, so far has been 100 years of history.
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