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Industry, Information Technology Equipment Industry and the National Development Bank review of the Second Board jointly, organize to promote the equipment manufacturing industry "going out" seminar, discuss and give some suggestions on "going out".
Equipment manufacturing industry come to open up new international markets, must be accelerated to open a new situation in international development, foster new competitive advantages in key international stage, to accelerate the development path of internationalization, which is the only way for the construction of power equipment manufacturing industry. To establish a cooperation mechanism between government and enterprises silver, innovative development ideas,  become a community of interests between banks, the formation of "industry + financial + services" Army, working together to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry "going out", accelerating improvements in the equipment manufacturing industry international competitiveness.
Compressor manufacture is call to "going out ", to competition with international brand. Greatcool @ compress with the vision to set up in China, go out global. The main product miniature refrigeration compressor, with adventure technical, is DC inverter motor. Some client from Canada said Greatcool’s product is impressive, some client from India told us ours are nice design.