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This year, high-end manufacturing sector with the represented of military theme has eye-catching performance. Insiders told media that in the policy guidelines on elimination backward production capacity, China manufacture is undergoing transformation, its development resolves the raw material low conversion rate, at the same time reducing manpower and boost profits.
It is understood that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is leading the high-tech, manufacturing high-tech, value-added industries advanced industrial facilities and equipments, including high-tech high-value required for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, development of strategic emerging industries equipments. Specified, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry mainly refers to aviation equipment, satellite and applications, rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment.?
At present, advanced high-end equipment manufacturing, has become a national competition for the world's main battlefield of the upstream industry chain, the national plan from the capital, structure, mechanism and other aspects, advantages and vigorously support the part of the domestic high-end manufacturing industries, to become the pillar of the national economy. High end technical, high technical should be complement to its development, Guangdong Greatcool@ compressor, with the aim of providing technical products and following up the development of manufacture industry, would be applicant to military industry, such as individual cooling, soldier personal cooling, tent air condition and radar cooling.  
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