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Refrigeration Compressor is the corn energy consumption part of air condition, if efficient refrigeration system, improve efficiency of the compressor is the most directly and effective way, which lead to system energy consumption decrease obviously.How to maintain refrigeration compressor in simple below:
 1, be care of the temperature, humidity chamber compressors and subordinate equipments, also environmental sanitation. Periodically clean the condenser compressor, because too much dust cause to overpressure or not cooling.
2.  Regular check whether any debris even conductive objects inner motor, whether the coil has been damaged, whether the stator, rotor friction, otherwise the motor will burned out;??
3. Watch the level of oil pool and the oil sump oiling lubricating oil, once below the mark, adequate supplement on time (oil feet, after stop the car then check)
4. The precipitate is filtered with a lubricating confidential. Winter and summer usage should be distinguished.
5. Pour water immediately after a water-cooled compressor lack of water, to avoid the occurrence cylinder cracks because the uneven. In the winter, let off the cooling water after parked, in order not cracking of the cylinder etc; Air-cooled compression could work if room temperature isn’t sometimes hot and sometimes cold, the best way is to put in standard laboratory, equip with air conditioning, the temperature of the thermostat keep in 25-28 degrees is appropriately.
6. Carefully check the temperature and humidity chamber cylinder and moving parts, all levels of the operation sound according to "listen" to distinguish, whether it's working properly, if you find unusual sounds immediately stop inspection;
7. Detection of high and low temperature heat alternate, cross chamber at the suction and discharge cutting cross rail cover, etc. when temperature is normal;
8. Whether the compressor vibrates, ground screw loose and shedding;
9. Check the oil lubrication system temperature and humidity chamber oil supply situation, the movement mechanism (some compressor crosshead guide in the fuselage side with Plexiglas tailgate, directly can see the crosshead movement and lubricants availability); cylinder, fillers available for a one-way cutting oil discharge check, to check the oiler to cylinder is working good;