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Verify the compressor suction, exhaust outlet lubrication method, the compressor may be reversed, chassis oil discharge experiment, reciprocating compressor oil terminal is inspiratory joint; Rotary compressor oil side is exhaust joint.
1, the reciprocating compressor oil: reciprocating closed compressor casing for low pressure suction side, note oil compressor suction pipe can be inhaled, the method is as follows: will be included in the number of oil into the bottle, choose a transparent hose, a connected to the compressor suction pipe, the other end of the insert at the bottom of the oil bottle (open exhaust joint), start the press finish inside the bottle of oil absorption.
2, rotary compressor oil: rotary closed compressor casing for high pressure exhaust side, when oil from the compressor exhaust joint directly into the mouth.
3, open air compressor or semi-hermetic compressor is equipped with special oil mouth, mouth as long as the special oil injection.
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