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What's with the compressor?
A: with the rapid development of national economy, the compressor is widely in industrial application. Compressor for its widely used is called the "universal machine". According to the different characteristics of the use of compressed gas properties can be divided into the following several kinds:
1, the compressed air as power:
Drive all kinds of pneumatic machinery, pneumatic tool exhaust pressure of 7 ~ 8 kg/cm2, is used to control the instrument and automation devices, pressure is about 6 kg/cm2, vehicles, automatic door opening and closing, the pressure for 2 ~ 4 kg/cm2, the pharmaceutical industry, the industry is in the stirring, pressure of 4 kg/cm2, air-jet loom weft waft of pressure for 1 ~ 2 kg/cm2, large diesel engine start-up pressure for 25 ~ 60 kg/cm2, oil well fracturing, the pressure is 150 kg/cm2, "secondary" production, about 50 kg/cm2 pressure, high pressure blasting mining pressure is about 800 kg/cm2, the pressure of compressed air in the defense industry for its power. Submarine, the torpedo shooting and drive and wreck salvage, etc., are in different pressure of compressed air power for it.
2, compressed gases used for refrigeration and gas separation:
Gas compression, cooling, expansion and liquefaction, used for artificial refrigeration (such as refrigeration and air conditioning), such as ammonia and freon compressor. The compression pressure for 8 ~ 12 kg/cm2, this kind of compressor is often become a "machine" or "ice machine". In the liquefied gas for the mixture, but in the separation device, to isolate the components separately, get qualified lip reading all kinds of gas. Such as air liquefaction separation after can get pure oxygen, nitrogen, and pure xenon and krypton, argon and helium gases.
3, compressed gas used in the synthesis and polymerization;
In the chemical industry, gas compressed to high pressure, often good synthesis and polymerization. Such as nitrogen and hydrogen in ammonia, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide synthesis methanol and ammonia synthesis of urea, etc. In chemical industry, such as high pressure polyethylene pressure of 1500 ~ 3200 kg/cm2.
4, compressed gas trouble about oil hydrofining:
Hydrogen in the oil industry, using artificial method to heat, pressure and oil after the reaction, can make the restructuring of hydrocarbon cracking into light component of hydrocarbons, such as the light of heavy oil, lubricating oil hydrogenation, etc.
5, gas transmission:
Used for pipeline gas compressor, depending on the pipe length determines the pressure. When they handed remote gas pressure can be up to 30 kg/cm2. Chlorine gas bottle pressure of 10 ~ 15 kg/cm2, carbon dioxide bottle filling pressure is 50 ~ 60 kg/cm2.