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If refrigerator is defined as a maintain constant low temperature freeze device, or a kind of household products keep good and other goods in constant low temperature. So refrigerator is not only daily storage with compressor.
Widely refrigerator, history date back to 2000 years before, Ancient men use ice block to store meets. After in many counties put ice to special water cube or stone cube for storage. Until 1850s, United States sale such kind of refrigerator.
 1822 English physical scientist Faraday found carbon oxide, ammonia, chlorine will become liquid when compression, decreasing pressure it become air. From liquid to gas, it absorb a lot of heats, circular temperature lower fast. Faraday gave theoretical foundation of artificial refrigeration.
1851 Austrian Harrison invented first artificial refrigeration compressor.
20 years later, Germany engineer invented ammonia freeze machine, first industry refrigerator appeared.
Until 1879 he invented first household refrigerator and put on mass production soon, there are 12 thousand refrigerators sold till 1891.
Before 1930s, most of the refrigerator use ether, ammonia, sulphuric acid etc as refrigerant, or inflammable, or highly corrosive, or strong acrimony etc. So that people begin to search for safety refrigerant until find Freon, it’s quickly be used in all kind of freeze equipments. 50 years later, people find Freon would destroy the ozone layer. Then they are finding other new and better refrigerant. 
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