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As the society developing, ask for higher standard on refrigeration equipments, base on the situation of China, we found there are three parts shortage in refrigeration industry:
First, we can’t thoroughly absorb foreign advantage technology on time. In industry area, China refrigeration connected with foreign technology in the early stage. On middle of 1980s, China invited advantage science from abroad, set up joint venture enterprises. Up to now, freeze technology’s development are far away to satisfy other industry’s requests in domestic, especially we can’t develop cutting ending technology products by ourselves.
Second, whole freeze industry have to upgrade. Comparing with other industries in China, nowadays, senior refrigeration industry technicians are leaked.
Third, not enough technology development invest, a serious-brain-drain, few local famous brand. Per known, compressor is the key part of the refrigeration equipment, but once we mentioned compressor, you will think about foreign brand and believe their quality is good. Domestic manufacture companies, to prove their products are good and good quality, they tell user their are foreign brand compressor, so that in people’s mind, only foreign refrigeration equipments are  ensure of products quality, in that case, local compressor will not be known by usage any more.
From the development of the refrigerant, reflects human science technology development, also reports people enhance environment protest awareness. Enhance, refrigeration equipment manufacturer will developed along environmental friendly and energy saving. 
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