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Due to the exothermic process of CO2 refrigerant compressor refrigeration system is a sensible heat exothermic process, when used in heat pump cycle, this feature is very beneficial, because the heating of the heat source is usually no phase change, which can obtain larger effective heat transfer temperature difference. Ammonia refrigeration system of refrigerant filling amount is larger. Reduce the ammonia refrigeration system of ammonia refrigerant filling capacity, at the same time let the ammonia refrigeration system away from the public, in order to reduce the ammonia refrigeration system risk, makes some changes have taken place in ammonia refrigeration technology. One of them is the NH3PCO2 application of low temperature refrigeration system, using double working medium of NH3 and CO2 two-stage refrigeration system instead of the traditional ammonia refrigeration system at low temperature.

Ammonia refrigerant filling volume can be reduced, and the first level of ammonia refrigeration system also can be set in place, far from the public, security problems can be solved completely. Due to CO2 nontoxic, nonflammable, no smell, and the molecular weight is heavier than air, can be disposed of in accordance with the procedures of the HFC refrigerants, the low temperature refrigeration system with strong competitiveness, system installation, operation and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Due to the secondary refrigerant cycle consumed work, the entire refrigeration system energy consumption increase, will reduce the COP value of the whole cooling system. Therefore, needs to have low power consumption of the circulating pump and looking for good heat transfer performance of the secondary refrigerant.

When a commercial freezer refrigeration system using NH3 and hydrocarbon refrigerants, indirect cooling system is necessary. Indirect refrigeration system can include the above NH3PCO2 two-stage low-temperature refrigeration system and using the sensible heat conveying cold quantity of secondary refrigerant cycle system.
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