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During the APEC summit in Beijing, China and Russia signed a series of cooperation agreements, including the oil and gazprom's agreement about the gas supply. Under the agreement, Russia will from the western Siberia, through the altai pipeline supply an additional 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas to China every year, for 30 years.
The distance between China and Russia on a gas supply large single less than half a year. In may this year, Russia and China signed a $400 billion deal, aimed at opening Siberian pipeline, and agreed to in 2018 after sending 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas to China every year.
The analysis thinks, the signing of the orders will effectively ease the domestic demand for natural gas gap, promote the natural gas chemical industry market open, at the same time, demand for equipment manufacturing related equipment also have accelerated release period. From the perspective of the engineering of will or are launching, sinopec dominated new guangdong zhejiang pipeline, a total investment of 159 billion yuan, is expected to drive the compressor equipment demand increase, it is important to note that because trunk feeder and the demand of city pipe network growth of 4 to 7 times, so demand for compressor will be multiplied, from this perspective, the next compressor sales will continue rapid growth.
Refrigeration compressor industry development space is large
Cold chain logistics development in our country lags behind, causing agricultural products cold chain circulation rate is only 5-20%, and the circulation of agricultural products between the loss rate of about 15-30%, the United States and other developed countries, more than 95% and 95% respectively. According to measuring the corrosion damage of main agricultural products in circulation is worth more than 550 billion yuan, which accounts for about 1.4% of the GDP value because of the cold chain industry waste behind.
Cold chain circulation needs about 18% CAGR in the next five years. Cold chain logistics development of the main driving factors have, over the next five years China's cold-chain demand into rapid growth, industry compensatory demand will continue in the short term, demand cold chain circulation CAGR of about 18%. And included in the update requirements, cold-chain equipment industry growth is expected to be faster.
The central air conditioning can still maintain more than 15% growth. Air conditioning industry faces adjustment, though, and demand from the commercial buildings, public buildings and large villa central air-conditioning industry is still in the growth period, short-term internal building and new commercial real estate area of growth is still high, we think the support central air conditioning not 15% growth in pressure. At the same time, the industry will be driven by energy efficiency policy and import substitution.
Plain source heat pump driven by policy to implement step by step. Ground source heat pump has been used in a wide range of Sweden, the United States and other developed countries, because of its simple good energy saving and mature technology, the popularity of there is a huge space in China. The government's support of contract energy management mode, through the national review of energy conservation service company already has 1734, explosive growth of the industry. Future growth is expected to more than 30% of the plain source heat pump, energy-saving policy implementation is the main power.
Refrigeration compressor industry with good growth. As the core equipment of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment industry, the development of cold chain, energy saving pressure such as external power, driven by the new requirements, technical alternatives and import substitution will release, industry growth is expected to more than 18% in the next five years, but the industry is facing the risk of competition.
Compressor enterprises usher in "blue" asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC)
As President xi jinping at the APEC welcome party about the weather in Beijing mentioned "APEC blue", "APEC blue" quickly became a hot online word, the word moment also confirm the xi jinping, China's top determination, etc.
On November 11, in the afternoon, xi jinping, to attend the 2014 APEC (APEC) leaders' informal meeting press conference and delivered a speech: we decided to start the process of free trade area of the asia-pacific, approval of APEC to promote the asia-pacific free trade area road map. Following the analysis thinks, this decision will increase the demand for Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, such as compressor.
Xi jinping pointed out that to start the process of free trade area of the asia-pacific, approved roadmap for apec to promote to realize the asia-pacific free trade area, it is our historic step in the direction of realizing free trade area of the asia-pacific, marks the launch of the process of free trade area of the asia-pacific, embodies the apec members to promote regional economic integration of the confidence and determination.
A across the Pacific, covers the top three economies in the world, 46% of the global GDP57 %, trade, free trade area construction is expected to be 40% of the population from the vision into reality. Gradually emerges as the asia-pacific free trade zone, the asia-pacific regional cooperation of "fragmentation" of trade, finally ushered in the dawn.
The promotion of free trade will long-term impact of compressor equipment manufacturing industry. First to domestic equipment manufacturing industry is export more easily, export more opportunities, more domestic enterprises to overseas layout, channel construction and talent reserves.
Second, free trade area of the promotion, will speed up the flow of funds, across the infrastructure construction will be faster construction, will greatly stimulate market demand of the equipment manufacturing industry.
Third, the domestic equipment manufacturing industry are more likely to go out, but foreign equipment is easier to came in, the competitive power of domestic enterprises need to reinforce their own!
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