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Many people don’t understand compressor, they think import goods will be better than home made.
Actually, how many compressors are made by foreign countries? For example the well known brand in the market which said made in Denmark, Italy, United states, are they really import products? It’s impossible, who would import full set of compressor from aboard, how expensive they will be cost? The import compressors most of them are made in China, but with the naming introduced aboard. If the goods really import, how about after sales service? How about the warranty? Who will help to repair and how long of the guarantee period?
Obviously, domestic products have an advance over import goods in after sales service. Make in China compressor, quality might not exceed foreign technology, but with longer guarantee time and easier to repair once considering about the region.

Some people know compressor is the heart of the refrigeration equipments, is very important, foreign compressors must better than domestic one, what’s more, they are well known, everybody would know they, so they are good. Surely Compressor is the core of freeze accessories, good quality, durable usage are adjust a good compressor or not, but not by where they are made.
Refrigeration industry are growing fast, accompanying with refrigeration accessories, further more its styles are changing, more and more names are appearing. More and more quality compressors made in China, they could perform stable, high efficient and they are more economy.