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Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, it is from the suction suction low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas, through the motor run a piston to be compressed, the exhaust pipes of high temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant, provide power for refrigeration cycle, so as to realize compression - condensation - inflation - evaporation refrigeration cycle (heat).
Now let's look at the compressor common faults and elimination method:
A, compressor suddenly stop in operation:
1. The causes of compressor in operation suddenly stop are:
(1) suction pressure is too low, the low pressure limit under pressure relay;
(2) the exhaust pressure is too high, cause high pressure power relay action;
(3) the low oil pressure, oil pressure relay action relay;
(4) motor overload, thermal relay action relay;
2. The compressor in operation suddenly stop method:
(1) check the reason, belongs to the blockage can be smooth pipe, such as insufficient refrigerant in supplement;
(2) check the condenser cooling or cooling air volume;
(3) check the oil system pipeline and oil pump;
(4) check whether the power supply voltage is low or cooling load is too large;
Second, the exhaust excessive compression
1. High exhaust compression reasons are:
(1) water cooled condenser cooling water shortage or air-cooled condenser cooling air volume;
(2) the condenser tube cluster scale on the surface of the oil is too thick or thick, cause heat dissipation difficulties;
(3) with air cooling system;
(4) the refrigerant perfusion too much;
(5) in the exhaust pipe valve fails, the pressure is too high;
2. High exhaust compression method:
(1) check whether the valve fully open, increase water supply or check the voltage of the motor, speed, drive belt is too loose;
(2) cleaning scale, scrubbing of oil pollution, make the condenser tube cluster surface clean;
(3) release the air;
(4) flush out refrigerant;
(5) check the correct valve;
Three, compressor wet stroke
1. The wet stroke cause of compressor are:
(1) thermal expansion valve failure, open to spend;
(2) solenoid valve failure, stop after a large number of refrigerant into the evaporation tube, when switched on again into the compressor;
(3) perfusion system refrigeration dose too much;
(4) of the thermal expansion valve heat loose package is not binding, the thermal expansion valve opening;
2. The compressor of the wet stroke of elimination method:
(1) close valve, fluid for repair of thermal expansion valve;
(2) electromagnetic valve;
(3) blow off refrigerant;
(4) monitor the tie of the thermal bag;
Fourth, compressor jammed
1. The compressor jammed the reasons are:
(1) there are smudgy impurities in lubricating oil;
(2) the pump pipeline jam, make the oil cylinder of live he died;
(3) the main gear oil pump insertion of the crank pin handle twist off, causing oil system is broken;
2. The compressor jammed elimination method:
(1) to replace a new lubricating oil;
(2) maintenance pump pipeline;
(3) repair replacement pump main gear shaft;
Five, the cylinder of sound
1. In the cylinder have different sound reasons are:
(1) the dead point in the cylinder clearance is too small.
(2) piston pin and connecting rod size liner clearance is too large;
(3) valve fracture;
Crankshaft crank and connecting rod (4) bulk spilt oil produced by the oil blow;
2. In the cylinder has a different sound
(1) adjusting thickening cylinder gasket;
(2) replace piston pin or bushing;
(3) immediately stop the replacement valve plates;
(4) short time don't have to stop, such as for a few minutes to stop;
Sixth, the audio in the crankcase
1. The crankcase sound reasons are:
(1) the connecting rod nut loose;
(2) the big end bearing clearance is too large;
2. The crankcase audio method:
(1) stop retightened;
(2) change the tiles;
Seven, compressor starts up
1. The reason of compressor start up:
(1) the power outage poor contact, blow a fuse;
(2) the starter made poor contact point contact;
(3) temperature controller disorders or failure;
(4) pressure relay setting discomfort;
2. The compressor start up elimination method:
(1) check the power supply, fuse;
(2) check the starter, with gauze wipe contact;
(3) check temperature indicating position, check each component;
(4) check each component of the pressure relay or setting;
Eight, the compressor refrigerating capacity is insufficient
1. The causes of deficiency of compressor refrigerating capacity are:
(1) piston ring wear or piston and the cylinder clearance is too large due to abrasion;
2. The compressor refrigerating capacity shortage of elimination method:
New piston ring (1) to replace or repair in the new parts;
Nine, compressor noise with motor coupling
1. The compressor with motor coupling noise reasons are:
(1) compressor with the motor shaft coupling with improper;
(2) the coupling of key and keyway mismatch;
(3) coupling of elastic ring is loose or damage;
(4) the belt too loose;
(5) cooperate to loose coupling inner hole and shaft;
2. The compressor with motor couplings have the noise elimination method
(1) assembly according to the correct assembly requirements;
(2) adjust the key and keyway to cooperate, a new key;
(3) fastening elastic ring or renewals;
(4) adjust the tighten belt;
(5) adjust and tight coupling.