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Domestic cold chain logistics development lags behind, the agricultural products cold chain circulation rate is only 5-20%, and the circulation of agricultural products between the loss rate of about 15-30%, the United States and other developed countries, more than 95% and 95% respectively. According to measuring the corrosion damage of main agricultural products in circulation is worth more than 550 billion yuan, which accounts for about 1.4% of the GDP value because of the cold chain industry waste behind.
Refrigeration compressor industry with good growth
Cold chain circulation needs about 18% CAGR in the next five years. Cold chain logistics development of the main driving factors have, cold chain requirements will be into the rapid growth in the next five years, compensatory demand will continue in the short term industry, cold chain circulation is expected demand CAGR of about 18%.
Refrigeration compressor industry with good growth. As the core equipment of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment industry, the development of cold chain, energy saving pressure such as external power, driven by the new requirements, technical alternatives and import substitution will release, industry growth is expected to more than 18% in the next five years, but the industry is facing the risk of competition.