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As air condition energy efficient raise, people are considering transfer to DC inverter air condition. Turbine compressor could reach continually compress and inhale, low lose when inhale and exhaust, high volumetric efficiency, but 30% expensive than rotary compressor. But shift those extra cost to heat exchanger, could arrival rotary compressor to higher efficient. The inverter compressor especially DC inverter compressor not only energy saving, but also ensure the comfortable of A/C heating, which constant speed compressor A/C can’t reach, so DC inverter will be the trend of A/C development.
We consider the DC inverter compressor will be widely applied in many kinds of products. While comparing rotary compressor, before its cost lower a lot, it could only be use in high end equipment cabinet.
A brand of A/C is planned to purchase compressor, worked hard in designing energy saving in year 2008, till 2009 full line of its products are efficiently and well copy with the lifting energy efficient standard.
For energy efficiency, it’s a good choice to use variable frequency, DC inverter technology mostly use brushless DC motor in air condition, not only to avoid the weakness of traditional DC motor, such as disturb of electromagnetic, noisy, short life etc, but also have advantage which AC motor don’t have, high efficient working, well speed control, without rotary loss. So comparing DC inverter compressor to AC compressor, have bigger energy saving advantage.  
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