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Last few years inverter compressor is sales good, why?
Variable frequency compressor is in high sales record, because of a new inverter compressor standard published, inverter products disseminate, prepare goods for full set machine requests etc,  those promoted the sales of variable frequency compressor.
Per known, early of year 2014, air condition domestic and export replenishment are increasing, many A/C company purchased ahead, lead to rotary inverter compressor industry rapidly increasing, so that inverter compressor sales climbed accordingly.
Where is the demand where the innovation. A/C industry generation is the inexorable trend, energy saving, high efficient, low loss is the main trend of the products in modern market. Variable frequency is the new product of A/C renew, as the primary product of A/C, this new kind of compressor must be welcome.
Year 2013, new rule of inverter listed, inverter compressor as a new kind of product, the demand is increased. In high temperature condition, inverter compressor needs more, it’s popular in local market and fast occupies the market rate, comparing the sales of A/C and compressor, inverter compressor is better.
But, nowadays variable frequency market developing is not mature enough, among the good industry developing environment, it will face to purchase globalist, export competition etc, chance and challenge are running parallel
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