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Expert thinks, from the point of application areas and market ownership, compression refrigeration cycle is still dominant in the refrigerating plant, so as the refrigeration and air conditioning compressor technology research and development of the heart becomes the core problem, and one of the key technology of refrigeration and air conditioning system energy saving, is the development and production of energy-efficient refrigeration compressor.
Along with market competition intensifying, strategic production threshold, air conditioning industry competition is no longer a variable frequency and variable frequency, but began to include upstream of the core components, in the process, gradually become the focus of competition for air compressor.
Energy saving, to the promotion of technical requirements for the compressor industry will be developed step by step toward rational layout of the new situation, improve industry concentration ratio, developing direction and the market will be further financing combination, under the market segmentation of the target area, a group of small and medium-sized enterprises on the market will be demoted, superior enterprises will do fine and stronger, constantly adjust development strategy so as to promote the concept of green energy-saving to air compressor industry, make the air compressor industry be green energy "source".
Especially in recent years, the global energy nervous, for industry enterprise's development has brought great pressure, the higher cost of forcing companies to air compressor equipment technology promotion, otherwise will be eliminated in the competition in the enterprise, in order to enlarge the brand influence of enterprise, has the high quality is the key equipment, customer demand for low price have not only micro refrigeration compressor, more important still is important equipment of quality and technology, and to stabilize the market position of enterprise, domestic air compressor company has a lot of places need to be further perfect.
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