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By the hoist of the localize rate among main industrial refrigeration complete equipment manufacture, cold chain and household electric etc are promoting demand of compressor, China refrigeration compress meet a very good chance at present.
Due to China development plan bring up, domestic market will give a wide area develop to freeze compressor industry, at the same time, it’s the opportunity and challenge never meet before, for refrigeration industry speed up to promote its product quality, to catch up and exceed world’s standard. Currently China cold chain industrial demand further than 10 years ago, what’s more the industrial freeze request rapidly increase and household electric market demand stable.
China has many refrigeration compressor manufactures, most of them produce low and middle rang freeze compressor. Among them most of company depend on import corn accessories, so that many local companys don’t have the corn technology of refrigeration compressor, they can only provide finished products, so it’s greatly restrain the developing of domestic refrigeration industry.
Nowadays, China is becoming global manufacture center, world compressor manufacture sections shift its force to China main land, main international compressor manufacture companies enter Chinese market one by one. In this good market atmosphere, Greatcool Compressor forward look this condition, at the time it setup, the company produce the base accessories are made by itself, mast the core technology of refrigeration compressor, is a mature manufacture not only in technology but also manufacture ability.
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