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Accordingly to market rivalry fiercely, survive hardness, A/C line competition not in
set frequency or variable frequency, but beginning to the upper corn parts, accessories and the whole A/C industry chain transfer in depth, during this process, at last the fighting among A/C industry will be focus on compressor.
Base on relative people analyze, when supply is not equal to demand, let along your production capacity is over million. Although you have product ability but can’t assure have available raw material. If the output rise from 3million to 10million, it’s a leap, it requests higher standard complement supply, also to ensure supply chain without any problems occurred.
Prosperous of compressor market adhere adjust of A/C industries.
In A/C industry, ahead of peak season of compressor, demands obviously also. Compressor is the corn of A/C, it occupy 30%-50% cost of the A/C, what’s more refrigeration system is closely depend on the good or bad ability of the compressor.
By the policy of government, inverter A/C climbs rapidly, inverter technology area fierce competition appearing. Comparing Japanese companies have core industry level advantage, Chinese companies initiatively set up global industrial chain, which have cost advantage and more fixable. At other side, world energy limited, small and mirco A/C will be the trend of light commercial A/C, therefore requests miniature compressor grow.
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