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Refrigeration compressor maintenance needs to pay attention to the following:


1, check regularly in presence of clutter and conducting objects, motor coil has been damaged, stator and the rotor for friction, otherwise the motor starts makes the motor burn out;

2, pay attention to the surrounding environment health instrument, try to keep neat and clean, regular cleaning, in order to avoid dust accumulation of too much lead to overpressure or refrigeration equipment failure;

3, observe the fuselage of the oil level of oil pool and oiler whether lubricating oil is lower than the scale line foot, such as low should be timely lubrication confidential to precipitate filter used. Winter and summer compressor oil is best used difference.

4, often view the compressor vibration and ground screw do you have any loose and falls off phenomenon;

5, pay attention to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber pressure gauge at all levels, storage tanks and the pressure gauge and oil pressure gauge on the cooler indicates value is come within the scope of the provisions;
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