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In our mind, centre air condition are used in big public area or big building office, as before is true, due to individual family no ability to use centre A/C, but split air conditioning are no longer to satisfy modern requirements, small size household centre air condition appearing, which is more comfortable, health, energy saving, easy to handle, low vibration, low noise comparing with the other kinds of air conditions, it supposes to be the development oriental of household A/C.
There are four reasons:
1.      Environment of the world requests a small size household A/C. Global environment become worse and worse, people have to choose one kind of energy saving household centre air condition, in order to lower the pollution by using of A/C.
2.      Different economy income among the country decide people have different requests on the A/C, small size air condition are good welcome;
3.      China is a large country, different city has different climate, which demands the air condition have various feathers.   
4.      Energy limited decides the commercial refrigeration develop to small size. Although our country has good sources of energy, but energy saving small size household applicants is the demand trend in the world.
By the developing of household air condition, refrigeration accessories change to size smaller accordingly, e.g. Guangdong Greatcool Compressor Co., forces in energy saving from the beginning of product design, greatcool @ super miniature refrigeration compressor, smaller than a soda can, of BLDC inverter motor, which stabilize, strong refrigeration capacity, working quietly, such kind of product filled the gap of current domestic market.  

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