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According to the report data, refrigeration power is 40% among the power consume in the data centre, in other report, refrigeration consumption is more than server running in computer room, when quantity of servers increase by double, accompany with rising electricity use exponential quantity. After researched, average electricity consumption 550,000 degree in one year per 100 servers, refrigerator consume 2.7 times than server.
Normally, people are dealing with information in data centre, the computer equipment, network equipment, recorder machine, telecom equipment is the necessary IT technology, all are asked for energy saving, those basic machines protect IT key equipments running, such as UPS, air condition etc, we might no become aware of they are main electrical consumption, air refrigerator consume the most.
Refrigerator are not the major electrical consume from the beginning, by the step of the computer widespread use, IT technology advancing, equipments requirement increasing, normal air condition is far way to match the data room building,
Special air condition for computer room appearing, as the core of the air condition, exclusive refrigeration compressor invested, Guangdong Greatcool Compressor provide advance BLDC inverter compressor,  DC inverter the most energy saving technology at present, it design for limited little room, could be work under 55 degree C condition, which mass production in mainland, which more is miniature size, only 1.55b, it could say it’s a kind of energy saving standard, which suitable to apply to the air condition for data centre and computer room.

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