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Electronic components, insulation material and recording medium are highly affected by the temperature in the computer room. For the liability of semiconductor components might cut down about 25, when room temperature increase 10 degree C; Insulation material is sensitive to the temperature, if temperature is too high, strength of the PCB instruction become weak, if too low, insulation material become fragile; For the recording medium, temperate too high nor too low, lead to data lose or record error. 
Also humidity has visible affection on computer equipments. When high humidity, electronic components or electrolyte material is coating with steam, it’s easy to produce pass path of the components. When low humidity, caused high static voltage, obviously 10 thousand static voltage will badly for computer equipments.
In that case, the air condition must specially design for the modern computer machine, the compressor as the corn, which decides the crucial function of air condition. We should choose higher precision accuracy and reliable compressor, because of its stable and reliable, temperature and humidity in the room will be strictly control at the setting rang (tolerance in+/- 1 degree C), therefore greatly improve the lifetime and realize of the equipments. Greatcool @ compressor with advantage technology, provides BLDC inverter refrigeration compressor, has exclusive controller, what’s more the size of the our products super miniature, smaller than a soda can, only 1.55b, which perfectly be used in cramped litter room, e.g. computer machine room. 
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