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At present domestic compressor manufacturers by technology transfer, technical cooperation or independent research and development, improve the quality of the product technology content and performance, but its products are compared with the international advanced level, in lines, noise, there is still a big gap between the efficiency of oil, etc.
As people to use environment, improvement of energy consumption, environmental protection, etc, refrigeration unit energy saving is one of the trends of its development. At present, domestic series of screw refrigeration compressor COP value is higher than that of piston compressor, and have achieved 10% 100% range stepless regulation and energy content than the adjustable, this also is helpful for energy saving.
According to introducing, screw refrigeration compressor is used in the body of the two spiral tooth meshing of screw rotation and the body wall and suction, exhaust the lining, brought about changes in the volume between tooth, so as to complete gas suction, compression and discharge process.
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of tooth profile and other structures, performance has greatly improved. Combined with screw compressor air gap volume, high efficiency, no suction, exhaust valve device and other parts. Therefore, at present, the screw refrigeration compressor has become a kind of advanced refrigeration compressor, especially the injection type screw compressor is one of the main models in the refrigeration compressor, has been widely used.
With the development of the refrigeration compressor manufacturing screw refrigeration compressor already has a tendency to replace the piston compressor. Screw refrigeration compressor with small size, light weight, easy to maintenance etc., these features will accelerate the screw refrigeration compressor market share rising.
Screw refrigeration compressor industry is a technology-intensive industry, the production process is relatively complex, high machining accuracy requirements, product and technology update is difficult, the sustainable development of enterprise needs both a research and development strength and technical reserves, also need certain practical experience accumulated.
Guangdong high quality compressor co., LTD., founded in October 2011. Production base is located in heyuan city, guangdong province, heyuan hi-tech industrial park, covers an area of 33000 square meters, factory building area of 4500 square meters.
Is specialized in miniature compressor r&d, manufacturing, sales and application of high-tech enterprises. An initial investment of more than 2000, total investment exceeds one hundred million yuan.
Companies focus on micro small refrigeration technology and product development, master the core part - compressor refrigeration system design and manufacture of core technology, the realization of China's most small lightweight production of products, fill the blank of the market. Products with independent intellectual property rights.
The company has a high precision machining, assembly and other professional production equipment and testing equipment, key equipment imported from Japan and Europe. Strict material and process control, self-control, main components to ensure product quality. But also has a group of rich experience, is engaged in the refrigeration technology, the compressor design, manufacturing engineers and professional technical workers more than 15 years, and once in the service of many famous enterprises. Enterprises to adopt OA, ERP, ISO9001 system and other modern management system, for the overwhelming majority of customers with high cost performance, excellent quality of products and services.

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