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According to the structure can be divided into two categories of compressors

First, the screw refrigeration compressor

Screw compressor has simple structure, less wearing parts, can be in large than work under the condition of pressure difference and pressure, and the exhaust temperature is low, is not sensitive to contain a large amount of lubricating oil in refrigerant, have good capacity adjustment feature. Refrigeration unit on the first application of screw compressor is open, and then develop to the semi-enclosed and totally enclosed.

Compared with reciprocating, screw compressor has the advantages of:

1, the screw rotor compressed gas movement to rotary motion, the rotor speed can be improved, when the capacity at the same time, screw compressor is small volume, cover an area of an area small, light weight, no reciprocating inertia force in the movement, on the ground based request is not high.

2, the machine structure is simple, parts number is only one over ten of the reciprocating compressor, less wearing parts, there is no suction, exhaust valve, no expansion process, single stage pressure ratio is big, is not sensitive to liquid impact.

3, can adapt to the working condition of the vast scope of operation, especially used in heat pump units, its volumetric efficiency is not as a marked decline of reciprocating compressor.

4, capacity can be adjusted, and in more than 50%, within the scope of the power is proportional to the capacity decline. Open screw compressor noise big, the refrigerant is easy to leak, complex shortcomings, such as oil. Therefore, in addition to the use or ammonia refrigerating power can't supply, under the condition of small and medium-sized screw machine is enclosed.

Second, piston type refrigeration compressor

When the crankshaft rotates, the piston compressor through the connecting rod drive, piston reciprocating motion, it consists of the inner wall of the cylinder, cylinder head and piston top surface of working volume will change periodically. Piston compressor piston from cylinder head start, the work within the cylinder volume increases gradually, at this time, the gas along the inlet pipe, pushed open the inlet valve into the cylinder, until the work gets to maximum volume, the inlet valve close; Reverse movement, piston compressor piston within the cylinder working volume shrinking, gas pressure, when the pressure in the cylinder is achieving and slightly higher than the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve opens, the gas discharge cylinder, until the piston movement to the limit position, the exhaust valve closed. When piston compressor piston backward movement again, this process is repeated. Anyhow, piston compressor crankshaft rotates, the piston reciprocating at a time, one after another in the cylinder to realize the process of air intake, compression, exhaust, to complete a working cycle.
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