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Energy saving measures have a variety of householdminiature refrigeration compressor: frequency conversion compressor, double rotor compressor, the fuzzy logic control, microcellular foaming, energy-saving differential pressure valve, etc. The energy saving scheme is realized by using frequency conversion control are widely used. Due to adopt variable frequency compressor, to solve the problem of low speed vibration in the operation of and lubricating oil supply problems, and in the operation of high-speed bearing load, the friction and wear problems, so the refrigeration compressor design and manufacturing is put forward higher request, control system is more complex, increase the cost. And the piston type refrigeration compressor driven by linear motor has excellent control performance, using simple control loop can be directly implement energy by adjusting the scavenging capacity adjustment, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving.

Currently developed countries adopt miniature low temperature refrigeration compressor as cold source of infrared detector and high temperature superconducting devices (usually provide liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen temperature (about 200 ? to 150 ?) of the refrigeration temperature), because it's easier to achieve the miniaturization, higher reliability, and is not restricted by its placement, etc. Low temperature refrigeration compressor is made up of cryogenic refrigerator and pressure wave generator. The pressure wave generator is a kind of have no the piston valve type motor - body design special linear compressor, the electric power conversion efficiency can be up to more than 90%. NASA and the European space agency (esa) since the late eighty s launch of ten satellites are adopted the refrigeration compressor driven Stirling refrigeration compressor, it is to improve the satellite payload and prolonging the service life of the satellite.

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