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Miniature compressor refers to the refrigeration compressor refrigerating capacity is less than 1 kw, with mini size, light weight and super endurance; Work quietly, almost no vibration; Energy consumption is low, you can use the battery, car power, civil power, solar power supply; Has the stable output, precise control and superior adaptability, can

Well meet the requirements of all kinds of mobile portable micro thermal management system requirements. Compressor is the core of the refrigeration system, its capacity and characteristics to determine the ability of the refrigeration system and characteristics. Miniature compressor has small volume, light weight, high power, low energy consumption, work quiet no vibration, can the advantages of precision in frequency conversion, and easy to control, can be said to be designed for sophisticated refrigeration system tailored, is extremely ideal mobile or portable small thermal management system of choice. Miniature compressor can be widely used in air conditioning, water cooling device, refrigeration units, commercial refrigeration equipment at present, the main applications include portable refrigeration system, food, miniature refrigeration system, cooling system temperature control container shipment, electronic refrigeration system, medical imaging system, mini cooling water system, etc.