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The compressor does not directly determine the cooling capacity, but indirectly determines the compressor.

The refrigerant compressed gaseous refrigerant into a liquid, such as the change of state and we also know that liquefaction requires heat, releases a lot of heat.
Because of the heat in the outdoor condenser (the heat exchanger) the exothermic, so that refrigerant cold, and close to the normal temperature of refrigerant
evaporator in the indoor part, because there is a pre evaporator expansion valve (for large and small units is also useful for capillary valve), then the low pressure
evaporator (relatively), refrigerant begins to boil, and the evaporator cooling vaporization, a large amount of heat absorption of vaporization in the process, but also
with the air evaporator heat exchange so that the air, to achieve continuous cycle refrigeration.
Air conditioning for a 1HP refers to the cooling capacity is
approximately 2000 calories, converted to international units should be multiplied by 1.162 so 1HP refrigerating capacity for 2324 (W), where w (watt) that the
refrigerating capacity, is 1.5 horse should be for 2000 calories x1.5x1.162 = 3486 w), and so on.
According to the situation, can roughly determine the air conditioning
the number of horses and the cooling capacity, under normal circumstances, 2200W~2600W can called for 1HP, 3200W~3600W known as 1.5 horsepower.

Refrigeration capacity = compressor power *COP (energy efficiency ratio)