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1, before the solder is not solidified, compressor pipe weld absolutely can not shake; if vibration can cause joint strength decreased, prone pores, may also make the molten solder
into the pipe, forming a blockage or semi blocked.

2, the heating time is not too long, to avoid repeated heating; time is too long, there will be an oxide of the inner tube, easy to plug the pipeline after it off. After solder solidification,
its loose texture, low intensity, prone to leaks or permeation leaks.

3, welding temperature is not too high, pay attention to changes in color pipeline compressor; temperature is too high, the molten solder is not easy to gather in the weld, and tends
to flow
on both sides of pipe welds. But also easy to weld melt welding failure caused the collapse.

4, if necessary flux, the amount should be appropriate; use excessive solder, easy to form slag, resulting in leaks.

5, general welding, use a neutral flame, a thick oxide flame tube may be appropriate to use thinner pipe and smaller pipe may be appropriate to use carbon flame; help improve
the welding quality
and speed.