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First, the inverter air conditioner does not work at the maximum cooling capacity long-term.
The maximum cooling capacity is the maximum cooling capacity of the air conditioner in a predetermined area of ​​the room in a short time can be achieved. Users can purchase a maximum cooling capacity of the standard, but should be determined according to the number of horses selected room area inverter air conditioner, try to avoid over-scale use, so not only can prevent the air conditioner from being damaged due to overload,  fully play its efficient, energy-saving advantages.

Second, the inverter air conditioner outdoor unit should be installed in a dry, ventilated place, avoid sunlight and rain.
Provided with inverter air conditioner outdoor unit microcomputer-controlled inverter, the circuit board in hot and humid environment easily be damaged. If the phenomenon of the outdoor unit automatically shut down after power, should try to shut down, and notify the maintenance unit repaired as quickly as possible, in order to avoid failure to expand inflict even greater damage.

Third, daily use, do not set the temperature too low to avoid a long period of high-speed air conditioner running state and affect the service life. Preferably provided in the automatic shift mode, so that both rapid cooling, but also energy-saving.