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   Industrial dehumidifiers could provide a room which creating a dry space for computer room, is conducive to normal operation of the engine room
and benefit staff's health, dehumidifier is designed for humidity control, which is frozen dehumidifier, made by the compressor, heat exchangers, fans,
water tanks, chassis and controller, its principle: moist air from the fan will be pumped inside, through the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator,
cold suspect device) interaction under suspected frost, then system automatically defrost heating water flows into the tank filled, resulting in a dry air discharge,
cycle to reduce indoor humidity, gradually achieve wet and dry space.
      The concept of industrial dehumidifier Features: pretty appearance, easy to handle, accompany with anti-freeze protection and other protection devices,
with number of operating and fault display, operation security and stability. Efficiency heat transfer, compact structure, which runs small vibration, low noise,
has good dehumidification capacity, low failure rate, long life.