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We have precision instrument and machinery, provides professional grinding deep inside round, tapered high precision spindle and spindle sleeve,

double-sided multi-level position with a tapered bore need to turn around and cylindrical grinding machining of precision parts, pneumatic products:

Cylinder, fuel tanks, live core, piston; automotive components, automotive jigs, fixtures, gages, CNC tools, blades, benchmarking, slender shaft; a

variety of square pieces; precision molds tapered sleeve, punch, punch needle shaped pieces, diamond-shaped cylindrical, grind small blind holes,

deep blind hole, taper blind hole, the hole face, bore tapered end surface, cylindrical R arc angle, precision machining parts 5μ below. External circular

grinding, spindle repair, bearing bit repair center hole repair, after repair are not beating. Concentricity, square pieces, parallelism, high-precision,

difficult and complex non-standard workpiece / can grind stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbide, titanium, ceramics and other specialty materials

above range can reach drawings processing requirements / industries involved: aerospace, defense industry, shipbuilding, motor car, automobile,

engineering machinery, molds, precision machinery, etc.