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Advantages: compressor and electric motor mounted inside of a welding or brazing welded shell, sharing a spindle, so that both the seal means eliminated, and greatly mitigate and reduce the overall size and weight. Exposed shell only suction and discharge pipes, tubes and other technology (such as sprinkler pipe) which necessary pipes, input power terminals and stents.
Hermetic compressors and motors mounted together in a closed shell, the upper and lower casing weld joints for hermetic compressors. Hermetic compressors with a equipped motor, with a mounted within the housing, and thus no need shaft sealing apparatus, reducing the possibility of leakage.
Drawback is not easy to open for repair: Because the entire compressor motor unit is mounted on a sealed enclosure can not be disassembled, hard to open internal repairs, thus requiring the use high reliability compressor, long life, high requires of entire refrigeration system, which is generally used for mass production low refrigeration compressor.