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1,Compressor fault diagnosis;
? open the inverter compressor control wiring box, remove the control terminals, press each winding resistance measurements. (In press winding resistance measured normal circumstances the next step measurement).
? detection tooling three capillary output inverter controller plugs were inserted into the hole terminals and fixed.
? refrigerator unplugged, five-minute later, whether three bulbs shiny (shiny time about 15-20 seconds) by detection tool, rapid detection way by adjusting the refrigerator operate key to stop delay.
* Three of the two bulbs were a group, shiny alternation, BCD-7DVCV fast glisten, BCD-270 / 249DVC flashes slowly. Since the measure way of detection work piece by simulate inverter compressor in load of the press, using a resistive element, so after flashing bulbs will cause inverter control board protection circuit, the output is stopped shining again after a delay five minutes , the signal is cyclical shining.
2, determination method
? lights flashing: main control board, variable frequency controller run, compress fault
? no light: main control board, inverter controller failure, compress normal
* It's rare compress, the control board and inverter controller simultaneous failure, testing should be according to their actual fault.
II. Dashboard, MPU damage judgment method
Since the master control board, display board failure difficult to distinguish, the easiest method is to replace, following a brief description of the commend problem, to ensure all circumstances, a proper connection leads, a multimeter DC 5V above range, detecting primary Control panel 5-pin socket voltage between each pin, the pin main printed board 5-pin socket, respectively 0,5, RX, TX, ENV, the black pen As for the "0" side, the red pen were measured Voltage "5", "RX" two pins, "0" and "5" as between 5V, between "0" and "RX" set between 0.3 ~ 3.0V varying voltage is, " 0 "and" TX "among a group of between 0.3 ~ 3.0V change, if" 0 "and" 5 "between the voltage of 0 V or lower than 4.5V, display board or control board failure, if voltage between "0" and "RX" is 0 or 5V, usually display board failure. If between "0" and "TX" voltage is 0 or 5V, usually control board failure. In addition to individual board in the main control panel has a light-emitting diode, if the LED flashes, basic representation of the display panel and the control panel is normal. If the light-emitting diodes lit or extinguished, the above measure zero voltage judgment RX, TX between, to know it's the control board's fault or display panel fault.