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 Mechanical compression refrigeration system: including a compressor, a condenser, a filter, a solenoid valve, expansion valve, evaporator, accumulator, refrigerant etc, linked to the respective elements by a pipe.
         Compressor cooling Cons: cold start is difficult, low thermal efficiency of the system in winter, fear vibration, can not tilt, but can not arbitrarily reverse. Fire work required to replace damaged components industry system maintenance. If a corrupted elements and lines, to let go of the refrigerant to the fire working industry, there is a certain waste. Compressor cooling advantages: efficiency cooling, the highest COP can be reach to 3.8, energy saving and environmental.
        Semiconductor conditioning: by semiconductor refrigeration piece, scattered cold tablets, fins, etc., connected by cable. TEC Cons: low cooling, maximum to 0.6. Cooling performance with the ambient temperature, voltage, conduction-cooled block thickness, the cold end of the heat mode, non-linear changes in mechanical stress, thermal Phase Material change led to the non-linear changes. Semiconductor Cooling Advantages: no air conditioning semiconductor refrigerant does not leak, not afraid of vibration, tilt and to be reversed; without mechanical movement and wear; small size and reliability.  
         A particular advantage as following:
         1, the first semiconductor chip thermal inertia of refrigeration, easily switches. Cooling and heating fast, usually can reach the maximum temperature in seconds;
         2, wide rang of semiconductor adjustment, fast conversion hot or cold. Difference temperature condition, even if the external environment up to 60 degrees, scattered cold surface can still keep in 22 to 25 degrees;
         3, the semiconductor is transducer element, by control of current and voltage, can be easily achieved accurate control of the temperature of the housing. At the same time the use of multiple sets of parallel semiconductor conditioning, even if there is a group fails, will not affect the cooling effect;
         4, semiconductor air conditioning heating surface temperature is below 80 degrees, no fire, which keep equipments safety and reliability.
         TEC: Advantages: low Noise, small volume, environmental friendly; shortage: low refrigeration capacity, temperature difference between 50 to 60 degrees
 compressor cooling: Advantages: good cooling effect, can reach more than 10 degrees temperature difference. Disadvantages: noisy, bulky, damage environment.