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        In the food cold, when contact with food, by the medium take away heat from the food, called it the cooling medium. The cooling medium can not only transfer the heat from food, but cooling or freezing it, what’s more may occur in the food, affect its composition or the appearance. Such cooling medium would be gas, liquid and solid.
  Cooling medium should meet the following criteria
1, good heat transfer capacity
2, no adverse effects with the food, won’t cause quality degradation, does not affect the appearance of food
3, no odor, non-toxic
4, reach the health requirements, not exacerbate microbial contamination of food
Water can only be used in food cooled to 0 ° C , thereby greatly limiting the use of water as a cooling medium. Ice is clean water from special ice machine, there is block or flake ice,. Flake one has snow sharp, tubular and small block and other shapes, convenient to be used. When cooling food by ice, try to make full contact of ice and food, in order to increase heat transfer coefficient. Metal plate freezing apparatus, metal plate as a cooling medium, it direct contact with food, food transfer heat. It is a large thermal conductivity of metal. The most used in the refrigeration are steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloys. Air gaseous is the most commonly cooling medium, carbon dioxide rarely used as a food cooling medium alone, as it can inhibit microbial life activities especially fungal and bacterial, carbon dioxide has a high ability to dissolve fats, thereby reducing the oxygen content of fat, delayed the oxidation process.