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Compressor is the core of the refrigeration system and heart. The compression ability and characteristics of tractor decided the ability and characteristics of the refrigeration system. A kind of sense, the design of refrigeration system and matching is the ability to compressor. Therefore, all countries in the world refrigeration industry is in a cold compressor invested a lot of energy on the study of, new research directions and research appear constantly. Compressor technology and performance level with each passing day. Many different kinds of compressor, according to different working principle, the compressor can be divided into fixed displacement compressor and variable displacement pressure machine. Refrigeration compressor will appear in the process of long-term use of the machine parts wear, in order to guarantee its service life and smoothly into the line of the industrial process, regular maintenance and maintenance are indispensable, to introduce the following refrigeration compressor maintenance and maintenance method: 1, often check in presence of clutter even motor conductive objects, coil has been damaged, stator and the rotor for friction, otherwise the motor starts makes the motor burn out; 2, pay attention to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber compressor and its equipment and environmental health. The grey on the compressor condenser cleaning on a regular basis. Because too much dust accumulation will lead to the overpressure or refrigeration equipment failure. 3, observing the fuselage of the oil level of oil pool and oiler lubricating oil is below the scale line, such as low should be timely and sufficient (oil foot must stop check); 4, carefully check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber cylinder at all levels and the action of moving parts according to "hear" sound to identify its working condition is normal, if found abnormal sound to stop the machine immediately to check; 5, the lubrication used confidential precipitation filtration. Compressor oil to use difference between winter and summer. If, for water-cooled compressor if not immediately after water flux into the water to avoid because of the uneven and cylinder crack. After winter parking frosty to put away the place such as cooling water in order to avoid the cylinder; The compression of air cooling can be as long as the indoor temperature is not hot and cold, manufacturers suggest it is best to put in a standard laboratory, equipped with air conditioning, temperature can often phase constant temperature at 25 to 28 degrees is advisable. 7, feel with the hand under the detection of high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber cross rail in suction exhaust cutting cover the place such as the temperature is normal; 8, check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber cooling water temperature and flow rate is normal; 9, check whether the compressor vibration, with or without ground screw loose and fall off phenomenon; 10, pay attention to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber pressure gauge at all levels, storage tanks and the pressure gauge and oil pressure gauge on the cooler indicates whether the value within the prescribed scope; 11, check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber lubricating oil supply situation, mechanism of oil lubrication system (some compressor in containing organic glass plate on the side of the fuselage crosshead guide rail, can directly see the crosshead movement and supply situation of lube oil); Cylinders, packing available one-way cut oil drain to check, can check the oiler to oil in the cylinder; 12, pay attention to the rise of temperature of the motor, bearing temperature and voltage meter, ammeter indicates whether is normal, electric current shall not exceed the rated current of the motor, if more than, to find a reason or stop check; 13, electrical heating process whether there is a sound; 14, check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber pressure regulator or load regulator, security cutting is sensitive. 15, regular cleaning refrigeration system, especially the copper tube and bottle body. Regularly check the freon allowance; 16, storage tanks, cooler, oil water separator are often sent out.
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