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miniature compressor ZH2024A

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miniature compressor ZH2024A

R134a BLDC hermetic compressor

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Product features
Guangdong Greatcool Compressor Co.,Ltd. researched and developed smallest, lightest weight, high-performance miniature DC inverter compressor, applicant in compact space, high temperature condition, and meet all requirement of portable mobile.
1. super small size: dimension54.7mm* height 101mm, less than a soda can;
2. super light weight: only 700g(1.5b) including lubricant oil
3. DC inverter in variable speed: apply to 12V, 24V DC; our own designed 180 degree sine wave controller, 1800RPM-6500RPM, high energy efficiency and low noisy.
4. small vibration: specially design damping device
5. power source: apply to battery, automotive electrical power, solar etc.
6. application: suitable in high(HBP), medium (MBP), low evaporating temperature (LBP) 
7. high temperature condition: working under 55 degree temperature



Test conditions for air conditioning
3000rpm 3600rpm 4500rpm 5400rpm

Refrigerating capacity ?W?
192 235 295 355

The input power?W?
65 78 95 115
COP?W/W? 2.95 3.00 3.10 3.10

Attachment: Air conditioning compressor performance test conditions
The rated voltage    DC 24V
· Speed control        
                                The Greatcool compressor dedicated controller
 Condensation temperature      46.0?
· Evaporation temperature       10.0?
 Breathe in temperature        18.0?
· Too cold temperature          41.0?
· The environment temperature   35.0?